Ferrari Killer [Homepage]

Hi, this is Ferrari Killer, a personal website dedicated to my project 4G63t Engine rebuild and 2.3ltr stroker modification. On this site you can expect to find media, links, guides and details regarding my Evo 4, the engine project, and some of the background / inspiration.

Evolution IV
Claimed HP
Sequential shift


To get you up to speed, at the top of 2012 I purchased the rallyart edition Evo IV with one main goal; to build my own performance engine and create something a bit special. To be honest, I saw the previous owners stickers "Ferrari Killer" and I wondered, is it? Perhaps not, but my goal is no clear and I'll not rest until the car deserves it's stickers!

My names Dave and I've been working as a mechanic on various levels for over a decade. I've worked on complete sheds of my own, and really nice cars for customers - this year it's the other way around. I've always liked the Evo IV so that's what I started looking for, I'll explain more about why I didn't choose a later Evo in the project pages, but to me, its a dream come true. After I got my car, a friends Evo IV kindly blew up, leaving me with a handy donor car almost like this was meant to be!

Follow my progress with Facebook, offer advice if you have it, and join in when we go out to play.